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Kaleidal Solutions, LLC strives to provide something different as a consulting firm- a clear, targeted, and action-focused approach to creating change and momentum within your organization. With a constant lens on equity, our work considers the impact for all stakeholder groups. Available for in-person support or virtual services, Kaleidal Solutions can meet your needs.


The name Kaleidal, like the happenstance meeting of the founders, is a meeting of two words/concepts: kaleidoscope and Daedalus. A kaleidoscope represents the founders multi-faceted approach to educational leadership and analysis to effectuate positive organizational and systemic change. Daedalus is a nod to the ancient Greek engineer who designed the labyrinth. This is an acknowledgement and recognition that the desired outcomes and attempts to reach them often require multiple attempts and paths as well as the ability to navigate a myriad of complex constructs and structural systems. Kaleidal Solutions works to bring clarity to complexity with a constant focus on targeted outcomes.

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Amanda Kidwell

Amanda Kidwell, Ed.S, is a nationally certified school psychologist and is bilingual in Spanish. With almost 15 years in education, her experiences as a bilingual teacher and reading interventionist for Denver Public Schools as well as working in varied settings as a school psychologist provide her with a strong background and understanding of the various aspects of teaching and learning to achieve equitable outcomes for all students. Previously an Assistant Director in Student Services for the Madison Metropolitan School District, she focused on coordinating and providing cohesive professional development for over 1,000 Student Services staff. She is currently teaching in the School Psychology graduate programs at University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Amanda travels as much as she can to see and experience new places and people.

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